virtua tennis 4

Sega will be present alongside the mobile news of [Sony Computer Entertainment with yet another episode of his series of tennis.] And guess what? Could try it! That would be a PlayStation without his episode of Virtua Tennis? Would nothing, certainly you meet some of our members. Then for the launch of the Vita PS early next year in the West, the players will be able to focus on the latest date of this simulation, or rather this arcade game, bringing together major global players. Armed with a more realistic than ever before Federer, is a non-hidden pleasure that could put our little fingers future console of the Japanese firm, the Vita PS, to test what should be the new graphical reference games on mobile.

In any event, these games at Gamescom were primarily an opportunity for Sony Computer Entertainment to propose large demo for so make the most of the capabilities of the console. And so say simply, Virtua Tennis 4 is a frank success on this side there. For further use of the two analog sticks of the best way possible, it is especially touch sequences which have the plu. With a little (good, much) drive, experienced players that we were able to master this somewhat novel aspect of the series. Of classic gameplay with as stated the physical buttons, is finally relatively easily at the touch interface, because it is used in two cases which may become quickly critical in certain situations.

To move the character, you will need to drag your left thumb on the left side of the screen to go to the direction you want. Of course, nothing is the joystick for reactivity of each moment, but if you must quickly respond to an action of the adversary, the large screen of the Vita PS will do wonders. Same observation on actions such as hit the ball. If it cannot proceed with the same precision or the power of the console buttons, may be – even once show that the two jouabilit├ęs competition, they are complementary, and this is no doubt that this Virtua Tennis 4 could become a real must-see.

Another advantage, and not least, its graphics engine that propels the Vita PS at a Summit ever reached on laptop. The faces of the players are absolutely gorgeous and much closer to what to do to the PS3 version shortly. Only an aliasing may be a little too pronounced could eventually wanted to spoil the party. In the State and with its unique mode of game, Virtua Tennis 4 disappoints not, will have to see if he takes all his promises at its release in 2012.