Universal music MobileUniversal Mobile dropped the price of its offer and decided to expand its range with new packages blocked into three distinct ranges:

  • The range “blocked SMS packages” including 40 minutes to 2 hours of communication and unlimited SMS, available from € 11.90 / month in eco version (offer not mobile).
  • The range of “packages blocked SMS + Internet”, ideal for owners of smartphones, is available from € 15.90 / month (green version). It includes one hour or two hours of calls, unlimited SMS, Internet and Mail (up to 250 MB included 3G), Wi-Fi Bouygues Telecom unlimited Visual Voicemail to be launched on November 14.
  • The “package blocked for iPhone” (available from € 24.90 / month in eco version) includes two hours of communications, unlimited SMS and MMS, Internet and Mail (400 MB included in 3G +), Wi-Fi Bouygues Telecom and unlimited Visual Voicemail for iPhone.

In addition, Universal Mobile offers its customers under 18 a new edge with 1 hour of calls per month 2 additional numbers to the parents any operator.