Telecoms Ofcom
Telecoms Ofcom, it seems that the British are completely addicted to their smartphone. Indeed, the study clearly shows that 37% of adults and 60% of British teenagers own an iPhone, a Blackberry or a smartphone the mobile operating system Android themselves admit to be addicted to their multifunction cell phone. This dependence vis-à-vis the smartphones could be explained, according to Ofcom, the various facilities they offer to their owners, including the ability to surf the net, or to send and receive emails.

In addition, the regulator Ofcom telecoms in its report that the owners of smartphones are increasingly likely to be permanently connected and that, by ignoring the guidelines imposed on them in certain places, such that cinema and theater. Citing these two sites as an example, Ofcom points out that 18% of adults and 27% of teenagers surveyed admit to having already used their smartphone in these places, against only 10% and 17% for owners of mobile phones “classic”.

Note that owners of smartphones in the UK also spend more calls, send SMS over and admit giving less time has other activities such as reading or sports.