Amazon App Store 1Long confined to the United States, Appstore (spelling is important) of the giant Amazon is finally available across the old continent … except in France! We’ll have to wait a little longer before receiving official of the marketplace dedicated to the Google OS. Note that it is possible to access it informally by creating an Amazon account USD. Currently, and as pointed out by our colleagues iGeneration, only our friends in Great Britain, Denmark, through Germany and Spain will therefore have access. Prices are in dollars, however, and are therefore beneficial for us Europeans (1 € = $ 1.36).

As a reminder, the Appstore is different from the Android Marketplace through a system of validation and verification of applications. Every day, Amazon set up an operation to obtain a free app, which brings in a much better visibility. Ease of use so that the recall Apple App Store with Amazon, which is on trial for interference name.