steve jobs 1955 2011Steve Jobs, the Apple one of the pioneers died in the night between Wednesday and Thursday at the age of 56 years. Return on an eventful life that will be seen both the Mac, the iPod, but also and especially the iPhone and iPad. “A creative genius and visionary,” with these words that the official site of Apple pays tribute to his master, who has revived the Cupertino company in early 2000 and was elevated to company the most important moment.

Communication professional, you can not count the number of keynotes he has orchestrated wearing a simple jeans and a shirt everything from classic. In imposing his style to journalists, it is also an industry that will undoubtedly rocked, drawing the ire of several competitors, but also business partners when it took to launch what is now the smartphone of choice, namely the iPhone. 24 hours after the announcement of the iPhone 4S, new iteration of the range is a very sad announcement comes close these few hours particularly exciting in terms of ads.

When Steve Jobs had left his place as CEO Tim Cook ago a few weeks to deal with her ​​cancer and its many health problems, the fans have waited a thundering back at the keynote on Tuesday. None of this could not happen unfortunately, Steve Jobs was 56 years old.