android ice cream sandwichFaced with rumors about its new mobile operating system, namely Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has responded by announcing that he would actually release the source code of its new platform. Waiting for the new was being felt, especially as the Android OS is an Open Source. As for its availability, the giant Google says it will publish the code in question as soon as the first Android 4.0 devices will be marketed.

While the Android OS 3.x versions were never really open source, since their source codes were never published, this is not the case for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the mobile platform Unified Google . This is none other than Dan Morrill, one of the most important engineers at Google, which made ​​the announcement. Speaking on the Android Developer Forum, Dan Morrill said that Google has indeed publish the source code of the new version of Android OS. However, key stakeholders will have to wait, because the code will be available once the first smartphone running Android 4.0 will be available.

Note that the Galaxy’s manufacturer Samsung Nexus is the first model to ship this system. According to initial reports, the smartphone will be released next month for a yet undisclosed price.