Sony Ericsson and android 1During an interview in January Uddenfeldt, technical director of Sony Ericsson, commented on the strategy that the manufacturer intends to use with  smartphones, currently representing 60% of phone sales. Sony Ericsson plans to develop as smartphones running Android OS, the mobile operating system from Google, thus abandoning Symbian. The smartphone market in this platform that promises to be more fruitful, as evidenced by the numbers: the global market for devices running Android is expected to increase by 60 million units in 2010 to 180 million by the end of this year .
Sony Ericsson fun logo 1While today’s market is pretty tough, Sony Ericsson’s goal is to quickly become the largest manufacturer of smartphones running Google’s mobile platform. To achieve this goal, the original manufacturer of Japanese-Swedish should focus exclusively on the terminal using the mobile operating system. To this end, in January Uddenfeldt stressed that the manufacturer will launch at least eight Android devices by the end of this year, against only four last year.

In addition, the technical director also noted the abandonment of Symbian OS as a model for future smartphones. Note that apart from Nokia, Sony Ericsson was one of the few manufacturers to support this platform.