Sony  invite you to New Casino for a concert silent, the result of this experiment is rather interesting evening. The concert was under glass surface, and all the guests was equipped with a headset Sony ZX be able to listen to music and enjoy the sound.
sony silent concert 1
sony silent concert 2This innovative concept of performance has also attracted the band The Dø: ‘We felt like fish in water’, ‘people really do hear the music through headphones. A few faults but also all the tricks’. ‘It was really an experience to be very surprising.

“For Bewitched Hands: ‘Playing with headphones allows us to be more precise, again we ask, do not exhaust ourselves’ and’ the public, the helmet can better hear the richness of our music. ”
sony silent concert 3Only problem: the 520 participants did not move. Not one to attempt an impromptu dance. We imagine that the music Techno-House would be more unbridled bodies. Interesting experience and thank you to our partner Sony for invitations.