sms scam 1

For some time now, many people complain of having been subscribed “unwittingly” to SMS subscription services who overcharge (and the term is small) text messages they receive.  The association UFC-Que Choisir cites, for example, if a person had to pay a bill of € 150 in one month … for 98 SMS sent without any strict sent SMS!

Indeed, SMS + is a subscription service that allows you to receive regular SMS specific and can charge up to € 3 SMS sent.  Knowing that this is the first SMS sent is that instead of accepting the subscription, you can imagine what can happen if a child sending the first SMS.
sms scam 2
You can easily recognize these special SMS because they all have 8 in their second telephone number and the first number is the price to be charged: 5 is 20 cents, eight can cost up to € 3! !  The combination of consumer takes as an example the “tube” of the moment, “Send in 88 S8825 *** and you will receive the new title of the Mole René! “!

Sad, right?
However, it is possible to end this subscription by sending STOP to challenge the billing by contacting the publisher of the service by sending or CONTACT with your operator.

You are now warned.