Samsung phoe 1Samsung has won four awards this year by the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association): “Best mobile phone”, “Best TV for its price / quality ratio,” “Best camera communicating” and “Best for camera lens system hybrid compact “. This year’s winner produced in mobile telephony, which impressed the jury by its design and its features is the Samsung smartphone GALAXY S II. The phone has distinguished itself for its high quality AMOLED screen Super Plus 4.3 inch (10.9 cm), its operating speed with exceptional dual processor 1.2 GHz heart, and his slim (8.49 mm) and lightweight.

According to EISA, the Samsung GALAXY S II in the hands, “you feel any power to do: surf the Net, watch videos in full HD, read all kinds of media, play or take pictures “. As a reminder, the EISA is an organization comprising 50 European editors of magazines in audio, video, photo, home theater and mobile products across Europe. Every year in mid-August, it awards prizes to the most efficient appliances in their class. The EISA award is one of the most prestigious award for a product of the electronics industry.