Samsung Galaxy  IDTGV 1Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab IDTGV, The South Korean manufacturer Samsung has announced it has signed an agreement with firms and VideoFutur IDTGV to offer a video-on-demand via the touch pads Galaxy Tab. This offer, which is available throughout the holiday period, from 1 July to 31 August, is designed for travelers using the line Paris-Nice and Paris Perpignan.

In a statement issued jointly by Samsung and VideoFutur IDTGV, noted that travelers can enjoy themselves by consulting a list of 10 recent films from Warner and propose by VideoFutur. According to preliminary information, the list includes several categories of films, both of comedy to the action movies, to cartoons. Support side, the films can be viewed via the Galaxy Tab 7-inch, which is a shame, since in the view of offering the 10.1 inch model, Samsung could have been a big publicity stunt.Samsung Galaxy  IDTGV 2The Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab IDTGV service demand video is not free. The traveler must pay the sum of 8.50 euros for a two-hour session, this initiative is expected to exploit the potential of VOD and that, even on the move.