The car simulation game iOS Real Racing 2 will take full advantage of new capabilities of the iPhone and 4S iOS 5. It will offer a multiplayer mode for four players to display on the screen of a fair split-screen competitors via Airplay.

Real Racing 2 will take full advantage of the new features of the Airplay iOS5 simultaneously to display an image on the Apple machine and an image “mirror” windows on the screen of television. Airplay is the new technology combined with new wireless capabilities of the iPhone 4S that will stream the image of the game on two screens simultaneously.
Real Racing 2Real Racing 2 reveals this new feature via video “Party Play” (below), where we discover a part of 3 4S iPhone and iPad 2 that appears on a TV screen in the manner of a Mario Kart. A feature that is similar to what Nintendo offers the WiiU with the ability to display on the iPad 2 information of the race and on the TV screen the view of the car. This will rediscover the joys of multiplayer game to 4 wireless on the same screen.

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