fifa 12 ipad2 iphone4Like every year, EA will release in September a new version of its football game and like every year, one wonders what they are going to be able to add. On the occasion of the Gamescom, we could put our hands on FIFA 12 on the iPhone, an update on what’s new. Besides the inevitable update of the teams and many small changes that we will detail below, the big news of FIFA 12 is undoubtedly the way manager.Comme the name suggests quite clearly, the manager mode puts us in the skin of … manager! The objective will be to manage our team on a daily basis, that is to say handle recruitment, players will choose the field, select the sponsors, etc.

fifa 12 ipad2 iphone4 2The manager mode of FIFA 12 does not clear the depth of a Football Manager, but it has not its complexity. All aspects of managing a club are present, but with limited depth. This allows the player to the manager without having to delve into the large paintings, which would prove quite tricky on the iPhone. Provided they do not expect to find two games in one, the manager mode thus appears very successful and brings a great depth of game FIFA 12. Note that it is possible to solve the game automatically when playing in manager mode, it is also possible to do otherwise is to say not to play the games and leave the management side aside.

The other big news of FIFA 12 is the ability to use the screen as iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch as a controller. This feature, however, was not available during our test of the game at Gamescom, but according to our colleagues at Pocket Gamer UK that we could test it at E3, it works very well. Among the other most important new features, it should be noted: the daily challenges to achieve every day to improve his team, new menu closer to the console version, the addition of a sprint button, new special moves accessible by sliding finger on a button.

Graphically, no big surprise, FIFA 12 uses the same engine as FIFA 11, with some small improvements on the animations of the players. It is in the audio technological improvements are the most notable, with audio commentary dynamic rather successful. The question is whether the VF will be as convincing. Last little interesting addition: the “instant replay”, which allows at any time in a game go back and view the latest actions, with a free camera. It is also possible to upload a replay directly on Youtube.

FIFA 12 released on iPhone and iPad at the same time as the home console versions, or September 29. The price was not announced, but we can expect a price similar to the previous or € 4 to € 5.49 on iPhone and iPad.