Panasonic ToughBook 3Panasonic ToughBook tablet will be released soon for business use (administration, insurance, construction sites, transport / storage, commercial & medical fields etc.). Expectations and needs of a professional in the field are very different from those of the general public, it will seek a solid tablet, secure, easy to learn, with a non-reflective screen to work outside and a touch interface responsive and precise.

The Panasonic Toughbook does not rely on its ultra-high-tech features, it comes rather as a reliable and mobile. The system runs on Android, and has many security features implemented directly in hardware. The tablet has a non-glossy screen is 10.1-inch XGA touchscreen and multitouch. The high brightness of the display screen allows a more comfortable and readable outdoors. A stylus is housed in the back of the camera (very useful for digital signing), it will use more accurate and functional touch. The Toughbook is equipped with a front camera for video conferencing and camera back to take pictures of documentation as indicated in the mini-site of the brand. Connectivity side, it is equipped with WiFi and a chip A-GPS, and the 3G/4G option. Its battery is interchangeable and can take “a full day’s work” (without elaborating). One can imagine then, that all options enabled, autonomy should be at least 8 hours.Panasonic ToughBook 1

Panasonic ToughBook 2