Orange Consumption Monitor
Orange has improved its monitoring consumption with a new version of Orange and myself. This new application provides access to more quickly consolidated monitoring, to find information and tips on their mobile phone and discover the applications of Orange. The new version of the Origami style offers customers a real-time monitoring of their internet usage in MB as a gauge that specifies the remaining volume of the remaining Mo initially included in the package or in the recharge.

This new version is available for all Orange customers Orange Business Services and mobile terminals on android since early June and will be updated on the terminals iPhone in August. Orange and Me is a free download (download included depending on the customer’s mobile offering) from the Android Market or Appshop Orange for Android and since the iPhone Appstore for terminals.

The operator has also launched a new application to track its Orange Travel uses abroad and fees Orange Travel. This application provides access to real-time mobile consumption (voice, SMS and internet) abroad for a smartphone. Once a client has downloaded Orange Travel leaves the city, the application creates a history of travel in which are stored in real time on its uses mobile network. The journey ends with the return to France and remains accessible in the history of travel. It is available at any time.

The user thus obtains rates voice, SMS and Internet application in the country of temporary residence and can evaluate the budget of its consumption according to its uses. Uses and rates are for information only and do not reflect supply and customer options to enable it to get cheaper rates, only the billing reports the use actually made and prices apply.

The application is downloadable for Orange Travel Orange customers with a terminal android with OS2.2 or higher. The download is free via the Orange Appshop (download included depending on the customer’s offer) and its use requires no 3G or WiFi connection, including abroad. Orange will gradually this application supports a wider range of devices including iPhone and Blackberry.