orange discount

It soon returned, and you want to change mobile, why not, operator? Right now, Orange has the latest smartphones on the market at low cost, especially since they receive offers reimbursement of up to € 50. This is the time to enjoy! Let’s start with the terminal’s highest range of Samsung at the moment: the Gaxaxy S II (S II test Samsung Galaxy) has until August 24 to € 50 cashback with Origami! Originally proposed from 169 €, and it switches to 119 €. Recall that the Samsung S Galaxy II has a dual-core processor running at 1.2 Ghz, Android Gingerbread, and a photo sensor 8-megapixel with video recording in Full HD 1080p.

We continue with the LG Black Optimus (Optimus test LG Black)! The Gingerbread Android smartphone and has a 4-inch screen NOVA is available from 1 € with Origami. If you ever choose a small subscription, do not forget you also get € 50 cashback with this smartphone very bright, well until August 24!

Facebook addicts are also entitled to their refund offer! The ChaCha HTC (HTC ChaCha test), the first Taiwanese manufacturer of Facebook phone, receive a discount of € 30 with an offer or with a Smart Package blocked M6 Mobile. And for those who prefer an Origami, the ChaCha costs only € 1!