A simple phone with S40 platform, supporting two SIM cards and a nice price tag.

Nokia X2-02 extended offers of two SIM cards phones. Nokia X2-02 is not a smartphone, using factory-sealed system Series 40, but nevertheless has much to offer.

Simplicity in the first place

Its design is similar to Dual SIM Nokia X1-01. Phone will be offered in various colours. The front of the phone is shiny, even in the keyboard area. The rear cover can be red, black, yellow, blue or purple color. Dimensions of Nokia X2-02 are 113 × 50 × 15 mm with weight only 71 grams.

Display size is 2.2 inches made with TFT technology and offers QVGA resolution, ie 240 × 320 pixels. Nokia X2-02 communicates exclusively in GSM, support for third-generation networks is missing. V prípade GSM sú to konkrétne pásma 900 a 1 800 pri oboch SIM kartách. For the namely GSM 900 and 1800 for both SIM cards. On the right edge of the Nokia X2-02 is special slot for the second SIM card, which can be easily inserted or removed without having to restart the phone.

Nokia X2-02 comes to market with a price of about € 60.