nokia Create For-million 1Nokia has just launched “Create for Millions“, an international competition aimed at users and developers, with purpose the creation of applications for mobile Nokia S40. This competition also allows developers to offer applications Java and Web. The winners will be rewarded by some endowments and prizes with a total value of EUR 1 million.

The competition “Create for Millions” of Nokia invites users to submit their best ideas for applications, that they wish to see integrated in their mobile Nokia S40. The authors of the best proposals will be able to participate in person in the materialization of their ideas at the Nokia World later this year and meet with developers. Nokia supports travel expenses at the Nokia World and the lucky winners will be able to play with their new application on the latest mobile Nokia S40 which will be offered at the Nokia World.

Users are therefore invited to submit ideas in the following three categories: health & education (health and education), social networking & location (geolocation and social network), and games & infotainment (games and infotainment). Finally, users can vote on proposals and comment on or cooperate on the ideas already submitted.

nokia Create For million 2

In this competition, developers are invited to submit Java applications and Web to mobile Nokia S40 in four categories:

-In the Know (trends) – Applications with relevant local information or news

-Fun & Games (games & entertainment) – games and entertainment Applications

-Emotional Closeness (community) – Social Network Applications

-Access to Knowledge (access to knowledge) – Applications of social development, for example in the areas of education and health

Each of the categories above is accompanied by 10 holdings, with a first prize of € 50,000 in each category. The best applications in each category won various other awards such as a service return into the user experiences and application marketing assistance. In addition, special prizes reward applications with more mature touch functions, the best options of geolocation, and the Web in General S40 experience.