New Titles for the Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson announces the release of two new titles available for download for the Xperia Play. In Toki Tori, you play as a chicken right out of the egg and will come to the aid of your little brothers always hatched, scattered throughout the levels. You’ll need to use reflection, the levels are quite complex and friends filled in places impossible to reach. You can download the Android Market at a price of 2.09 euros.
New Titles for the Xperia Play 1
Shark or Die, developed by HandyGames will take you to the beach. Deep in the ocean, you’ll find yourself face to face with sharks took a killing spree. Do not worry, you’re on their side and play as one, whose objective will be to devour as much as possible for small fry to the next level. Some of your targets: various objects but also humans of course. You can get the title to 0.99 euros, again via the Android Market.