Motorola Flip


Motorola unveils a new revolutionary smartphone with the FlipOut. It stands out by its square shape, and his slider that can rotate in the screen of the mobile.

Design, A square smartphone, need to think about, Motorola did. Indeed, the FlipOut is the first smartphone in this form, for a very comfortable hand taking and holding easily in the Pocket, giving a unique style to this phone. The QWERTY sliding keyboard below the screen has 5 rows of keys, very practical and intuitive, to easily type messages by message. Very also practice on the internet, it is easy to navigate with 2.8 inch touch screen, and type its research and instant messages on cats with the QWERTY keyboard. Finally, the particularity of the Motorola FlipOut lies in its slide-out keyboard that can rotate on him even and thus achieve an impressive figure in style. This phone pass not unnoticed, certainly.

Internet, With 3 G and Wifi, Motorola FlipOut can connect on the internet very quickly and take advantage of the entirety of the canvas with ease: consult its boxes emails, surf the sites, chater on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, nothing more simple thanks to the connections best the FlipOut and its touch screen very accurate as well as to its QWERTY keyboard for fast and intuitive seizure.

In short, the Motorola FlipOut is a unique smartphone of its kind with the design, for people seeking one mobile are different from the other.