The iTunes and Google Play stores currently have a wealth of great new apps available that may convince the uninitiated of the advantages of using your smart phone as a personal assistant (or even as a simple games machine).  Many people hold back when new technology is introduced questioning its ultimate advantages, and to be fair there is a lot of consumer gimmickry out there, but there are also some very useful facilities in the form of apps available for your mobile phones.
Banking can be made much simpler due to apps like Barclays Pingit.  Much of the time we ring call centres with simple balance or transaction queries and what could take a minute takes an hour.  With apps like Pingit you can transfer funds, find cashpoints and receive mini statements.  Lloyds TSB, Santander, NatWest and many more all offer similar facilities which aren’t available on the official websites.  Mobile phones have become genuine banking assistants and the development of near field communication technologies will only make this fact more certain.  In years to come your mobile phones could effectively be your banks and your bank cards rolled into one due to banking apps.
iPlayer Radio is a great new development and a long time coming for radio fans.  The radio can be an oft neglected form of media and to have shows on demand will be a huge development.  The new app has had some bugs ironed out and gains great reviews from people who’ve already downloaded.  When on the move the spoken word is effectively our primary form of entertainment and iPlayer Radio is a good addition to our mobile phones.
If you have kids and like to develop fun ways of learning, the Weird but True app from National Geographic is an excellent way of get children interested in popular science.  It downloads 300 weird facts for kids to memorise and amaze their friends with and it shouldn’t be underestimated that the sense of wonder derived from a simple fact can breed a genuine interest in the subject matter.
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