LG Grand Palais in 3D 1

LG, it is more active on the passive 3D! The company organized an event last night at the Grand Palais (Paris), with a screening of animated 3D version in Rio on a large screen 27m x 11m erected for the occasion. The goal: get the double record largest 3D screen, and the largest 3D projection private world, one room night with a capacity announced in 1500.
LG Grand Palais in 3D 2

Another objective is obviously to highlight the technology of 3D passive chosen by LG. The battle is fierce with so-called active 3d, and determine how to watch the big and small screens tomorrow. It is thought to inevitably fight between Blu Ray and HD DVD, Laserdisc against the DVD, the multiple formats 720p, 1080i … short, a continuity in the history of technological change.
LG Grand Palais in 3D 3

To get an idea last night you could watch live 3D images on screens placed under the great dome of glass and steel, and of course take a pair of glasses dedicated to viewing. It is also one of the interesting points of this technology since the glasses are lightweight, do not ask to be charged on the sector and are even pretty nice. In fact at a time when the projection starts I realize that I have on the nose … my sunglasses! From a comfort standpoint, there was no difference. 3D level, my glasses are worthless traditional ;-)

LG Grand Palais in 3D 4

Projection, 3D passive plenty to meet the expectations in terms of quality and comfort. Not yet a big fan of 3D technology favors the use of which too often at the expense of the spectacular background of a story, and may even have made a stereo type of the 80, I found the whole rather attractive . The terrain offers a beautiful “degraded” on all the round shapes as a tree trunk, face .. I am surprised the labor leaders on fleshy parts of the heroine. They are not always ice at Blue Sky (studio producer of “Rio”)!
LG Grand Palais in 3D 5
Oh, and the film? We are not on leblogart but I will simply say that since Ice Age, is probably the most sympathetic movie studio, recovering a little freshness of their first feature film. No great moments of laughter, but it’s fun, ideal for children, and it was announced well! We will return soon on LG products to learn more about their range 3D Cinema, and their vision of tomorrow’s TV. Vision 3D course!