google tv
After the incredible drop in the price of the Logitech Revue, users of Google TV will be thrilled to learn that a leak of the beta version of Android Honeycomb for their product has recently been rising. This indicates the imminent arrival of the operating platform for Google TV, a finish that is increasingly expected. In addition, the site GTVhacker even published a tutorial explaining how to install the beta on the Logitech Revue.

According to the experts who carried out the installation of the beta of Google Android Honeycomb for the TV, it seems that the Mountain View company has learned from past mistakes and reviewed so the operating system. According to reports, the first thing that appeals most users is the interface that is similar to that now proposed by the touch pads. Moreover, these widgets are even easier to use, not only to scroll RSS feeds, but also for many other uses, such as the recent consultation notifications.

The other big news is that this beta includes the arrival of the Android Market. While it does not offer much yet for Google TV, the list of applications will soon be lengthened.