HTC 7 MozartWindows Phone 7
8 Megapixel
Screen capacitive 9 cm
8 GB memory

Discover the universe Windows Phone 7 with HTC Mozart 7.Avec elegant sound design aluminum, Mozart 7 do the very best in multimedia. Succumb to the HTC Mozart 7, Windows Phone 7 exclusively at Orange. With Windows Phone 7 stay connected to your c.a.l.l universe. Six Windows Phone Hubs bring together all your content in a spaced dedicated to you simplify life. No need to navigate applications applications or to go on the Internet and then return to your list of contacts. Everything is together in one place.

With its refined design, HTC Mozart all aboard a powerful 1 GHz processor, perfect for surfing the Internet, and to download your favourite applications on the Windows Market Place. Rated multimedia, HTC Mozart 7 is at the top: camera 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash. Take and store your photos and video without concern with the 8 GB memory available. And because it is complete, the Mozart 7 offers a quality of its excellent feature “sound effects”. Connectivity, Mozart 7 on-board the nec plus ultra: 3 G +, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, the HTC 7 Mozart provides synchronization of XBox Live, Facebook, email accounts.