google plus logo 565332Google + is included. Video chat service is so easy to set up a kind of click-and-go of the system. It is so simple that a user from Lifehacker for a video surveillance system improvised are perfectly noted the convening.You need two accounts Google + to do the job – one for the side of the camera and another to the stream of data display. But this should be no problem of large. Just start a clubhouse on the one hand, and you then send the URL. As soon as you at work or are ready, open to see the link on the portal.

Home Surveillance System Using Google+

The puzzle is here, that so many video streaming services, inactivity be that you come from the place of the meeting little. To prevent this, use a program such as mouse Jiggler. Is located just in the background and inputs wrong mouse movements. But once you’ve invested this implementation three minutes, have an easy way, died in the cat, to monitor the door entry or stove. I will totally use to monitor my grill my air-conditioned rooms.