Nokia 1616 1

Nokia 1616 General Specifications
The Nokia 1616 is a very simple GSM candybar with little special specifications. This phone has a total size of 107 x 45 x 15 mm and a weight of 79 grams. The Nokia 1616 is unlike the Nokia 1280 is equipped with a color screen. This is a 1.8-inch TFT color screen with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. The internal memory of this Nokia MOBILE PHONE is not too great, unfortunately you cannot extend it with an extra memory card. Furthermore, the Nokia 1616 still equipped with a Li-ion 800mAh battery. This makes for a standby time of 528 hours and Talktime of 510 minutes.

Nokia 1616 2

Nokia 1616 Applications
The Nokia 1616 comes as well as the Nokia 1280 on the market for a very cheap price. Therefore, this Nokia mobile phone is not equipped with a variety of advanced features. Nokia has the 1616 still far equipped with an FM radio receiver so you can always and everywhere with this phone to the radio can listen. Furthermore, this mobile phone also features some handy organizer and a flashlight what good will come in handy in the dark. Also nice to the Nokia 1616 is the fact that the covers of this GSM interchangeable.  This allows you to customize the appearance of this mobile phone itself adjust to your own taste.