Google Plus App

After a little less than a month waiting in the IOS device owners, Apple finally launched the producers Google + App Store, an online application store. It seems straight from the Android Market, an online marketplace of enterprise applications Mountain View, Google’s mobile software + therefore appears on the mobile device from Apple. Offers its users find news feeds posted by contact on the Google Network Plus, but also to manage through the cycle, the application is compatible with iPhone 3G, GS 3 and 4.

Offers the same features as the Android OS, the application + Google built the same way that the iPhone Facebook application. With more or less ergonomic design for Google + IOS is currently available in English, while its use requires approval mobinaute important vis-à-vis the conditions used in Google’s mobile services.

The software is simple: after authentication, which is currently invitation, the user can consult the publication of contact and manage relationships with them, like Facebook. Note that the application requires IOS release beta 4 and show unstable IOS 5.0.