The company specializes in mobile Doro simplified recently acquired the French publisher of mobile applications Prylos to strengthen its development strategy for mobile Android. The company offers a platform Android, which will be implemented in future products Doro. The objective of Doro is to continue to grow geographically and expand its offering of products and services on the Android mobile market and touch pads.

“With this acquisition, we enrich the content of our future offerings and accelerate their launch. I am pleased to welcome the employees of Prylos whose profile and experience are complementary to those of the team of Doro. Together we can better meet the changing needs of seniors in all our markets, “” says Jerome Arnaud, CEO of Doro.

“The entry in the group Doro Prylos allows to perform a hardware-software alliance to develop a very positive offer innovative and tailored to senior market. The international presence of Doro and its distribution capacity in the public networks such as specialized products provides our common future chances of success, “says Caroline Noublanche, founder of Prylos and recently appointed Director of Business Applications and at Webstore Doro.