Bouygues Telecom 77

Developed in partnership with IJENKO, services platform “cloud” of the Intelligent Energy for the residential sector, Bouygues Telecom has launched a pilot service of energy management and protection of the home. Customers Bbox Bouygues Telecom can now subscribe to exclusive packages to monitor and control the energy consumption of their home and save money. The offer includes two options:

  1. A pack classic “Monitoring and energy management” to 4.90 € / month. Composed of a “power box” to connect to the Bbox, to install a sensor on its electric meter, and three taken to plug into intelligent appliances, this package allows remote control of its electrical and track energy consumption in real time.
  2. A comfort package “Steering, energy management and safety / comfort” to 9.90 € / month in addition to offering traditional pack the ability to monitor their home remotely using a humidity sensor, a sensor movement and a detector opening and closing door.

When presence or other abnormality is detected, the customer is notified via SMS or can trigger a specific program (ignition lights upon detection of a presence .

“Bouygues Telecom has always innovated in terms of useful services for consumers. Also, in an environment where our customers are increasingly concerned about their energy consumption, adding a service energy management in the Bbox required. Bouygues Telecom and initializes market quintuple play “explains Franck Abihssira, Director of Content, Services and ISP Bouygues Telecom.

“Like providers of electricity or gas, or network operators and major appliance retail chains, Internet service providers can facilitate the adoption of new patterns of consumption of energy sober and responsible. We are proud that our SaaS platform has been chosen by Bouygues Telecom to develop and operate future services “smart grid” behind the meter, “said Serge Subiron his part, CEO of IJENKO.