BlackBerry OS 7Busy day for RIM, which now had new terminals. The BlackBerry 9800 Torches is now the patriarch of a dynasty of Torch, Torch baptized 9810, and 9850 Torch  9860. Their (other) have in common? They will all be equipped with the latest version of the operating system of the house, ie Blackberry OS 7. To see a little clearer, let us return to the details of the OS, announced in May, and comes into our hands during the month of August.

What to expect from BlackBerry OS 7? BlackBerry OS 6 has already brought its share of novelties, with a significantly redesigned interface. With the seventh version of its operating system, RIM promises improved performance, mainly in three areas.

  • The web browser: BlackBerry OS 7 offers greater speed in loading web pages, with a much-improved¬† browser, and support elements in HTML5, including videos. Liquid Graphics technology optimizes the flow of navigation, pinch to zoom or scrolling, all thanks to a high-performance graphics processor and a faster CPU than before.
  • The voice search: Already built into the OS BlackBerry OS 6, the voice search is taking off with BlackBerry OS 7. It is now a universal search tool in the mobile, to find a contact, an email, as a musical, or search the Internet.
  • Augmented reality: The BlackBerry smartphones running OS 7 are now compatible with applications making use of augmented reality, as Wikitude World Browser.

Note that in addition to traditional applications dedicated to communication (email, new BlackBerry Messenger, social networks), the terminals 7 in BlackBerry OS come with preloaded applications, including the premium version of Documents To Go, which includes a native PDF reader as well as BlackBerry Protect (backup in a cloud) and BlackBerry Balance (to use the mobile professional and personal).