Apple C3 Technologies 1Apple will no longer use Google Maps on these machines, the Cupertino company abandons Google’s services and offers a 3D mapping company called C3 Technologies. Apple has acquired the Swedish company C3 Technologies, specializing in the reproduction of satellite maps in three dimensions with a photo-realistic rendering. Their technology is very impressive, she managed not only to reproduce a 3D terrain and buildings with pinpoint accuracy but also to display an extremely realistic rendering turning smoothly iPad.
Apple C3 Technologies 2This technology will probably integrate the next generation of Apple machine will fill and certainly one of the major shortcomings of the IOS, offering a true GPS navigation software with 3D interface, guidance and above all an easier consultation off-line cards. Until now navigation and consultation cards on Apple machines were based solely on the services of Google Maps. This acquisition is excellent news, proof of the willingness of Apple to design its own browser!