Android OS by Mozilla 1

Artificial Android OS Mozilla aims to clean up cell phones with web technology, standards-based OS that will of course open source. While working on the platform does not seem to have progressed too far again, they plan to publish the source code as it developed, so the devs can add to and help them out.

So whether Android get into all that? Mozilla understands that it is difficult to create a new platform from the ground up, so take some code that lets Android working on hardware, and will add a new UI and the application stack is drawn from a cross-platform Firefox Gecko layout engine. For you to think this is just the Android phone with a custom UI on it, think again, Mozilla has dared to say they will not adopt the Java language that is used in Android, will not they support the programming code of the original.

Back in September last year, Mozilla has showcased a prototype mobile phone handed over to the Mozilla Labs Concept Series’ by designer Billy May Dubbed the Seabird, it explored the idea of ​​an Open Web-based Android mobile phone, with an 8MP camera, two pico-projectors and wireless inductive charging. Mozolla memerkuat era of open source in this modern era.