Android Honeycomb 1While the giant Google seems reluctant to release official figures on sales touchpads running Honeycomb version of Android OS, an independent developer has decided to tackle this question directly. Indeed, the latter, which bases its statistics on the digital slate having connected to the Android Market, indicates that there is 3.4 million tablets running Honeycomb, the version of Google mobile system designed exclusively for them .

During the presentation of its financial results for the third quarter of 2011, the giant Google announced that 190 million devices (smartphones and touchpads) are currently operating under its mobile operating system, Android OS. However, the firm did not specify the number of touch pads making use of Android Honeycomb, the version designed exclusively for them. Trying to solve this mystery, an independent application developer has addressed the issue and unveiled a statistic based on the number of slates having connected to the Android Market. According to the developer, there would be 3.4 million in Honeycomb touch pads throughout the world.

Note that for now, it is impossible to make an accurate observation on the number of tactile slate running Android Honeycomb, since one of the bars connecting to the Android Market, Android Gingerbread some work. The resulting figure can be described as pure speculation.