123people, which presents itself as the leader in people search on the net, unveiled its new mobile application. Intended to both iPhone owners and smartphones running Android OS, Google’s mobile platform, this application can discover even more features to find important information on who they want.

According to Gilles Clouet Pesruches, the executive director of the company 123people, the new application allows users to iPhone and Android smartphone OS to search more easily and quickly their friends, family or acquaintances, regardless of their location. In addition, Gilles Clouet of Pesruches added that the new software also offers them to exchange information directly with them via their mobile.

Among the improvements include the new version of the mobile application 123people, there is the possibility to search more quickly through photos, phone numbers, social networking profiles, or email addresses. In addition, the software allows users to back up this information directly into the contact list for more convenience. You can also download the results of research to future reference without the need to connect to the net.